SWING FIVE teachers and performers

Friday, November 10, ARS House (Pärnu mnt 154)
19:30-00:00 Swing Five warm-up party

  • Opening of the exhibition „5 wonderful years of Tallinn Swing Dance Society”.
  • Slideshow and quiz night
  • Social dancing accompanied by a DJ
  • Tap dance corner for tap dancers

Saturday, November 11
Workshops for dancers:
ARS House (Pärnu mnt 154)
10:00-11:15 Lindy Hop group1* – Johannes Varkki and Laima Kirsimaa
11:30-12:45 Lindy Hop group1* – Janek Õunamägi and Eliisa Õunamägi
13:00-14:15 Lindy Hop group2* – Johannes Varkki and Laima Kirsimaa
14:30-15:45 Lindy Hop group2* – Janek Õunamägi and Eliisa Õunamägi
* All classes are accompanied by live piano music performed by the renowned jazz musician Ülo Mälgand.

Nõmme Culture Center (Turu plats 2) 
18.30-20.00 Workshop for musicians – Remigijus Rancys
SWING FIVE swing-jazz dance party 
Nõmme Culture Center (Turu plats 2) 
19:00-19:30 Beginners Lindy Hop by Johannes Varkki and Katharina Matkevits
19:30-01:00 Swing tunes by a DJ,The Schwings band (LT) together with Airi Allvee and Anna Curly. Expect some dance shows, surprise guests, group dances and catchy swing tunes throughout the whole evening.
Sunday, November 12, ARS House (Pärnu mnt 154) 
12:00-16.00 Swing Brunch 
Let’s enjoy Sunday brunch with talks about swing music, coffee and birthday cake as well as dancing accompanied by a DJ.
12.30-13.30 – workshop for swing dancers about rhythm and music listening with Remigijus Rancys (LT) (explanation about rhythm basics; interactive exercises with dancers; how to listen swing music and how to use it as a source for dancing choreo).



2 dance classes with LIVE music + 3 parties = 40 EUR SOLD OUT!
2 dance classes with LIVE music = 20 EUR SOLD OUT!

NB! Registration for Swing Five (Full Pass and Classes only) is now closed! We are looking forward to see you at Swing Five parties!

Tickets for parties:

  • Friday warm-up party at ARS House (incl. coffee, tea, water and snacks) = 10 EUR (only in cash at the venue)
  • Saturday Swing Five at Nõmme Culture Center = 10/15 EUR (possible to buy tickets in advance at Nõmme Culture Center)
  • Sunday Swing Brunch at ARS House (incl. workshop, coffee, tea, water and birthday cake) = 10 EUR (only in cash at the venue)