Swing dances in Tallinn

 About Tallinn Swing Dance Society

Tallinn Swing Dance Society (hereinafter TSDS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 that brings together people interested in the swing era, music and dance. TSDS is a voluntary basis charity organization. It is independent and not part of any umbrella organization. TSDS is run by a team.

TSDS organizes regular dance classes, festivals, workshops and varied recreational activities, which support swing dancing: social dance evenings, swing era cultural history meetings, lectures, movie nights and other events to provide adults interested in swing culture with activities, skills, and knowledge about the swing field.

TSDS is the biggest community of Estonian swing dancers. About 150 people attend the regular dance classes held for various levels. TSDS is focused primarily on the cultivation of the 1930’s most popular dance Lindy Hop. But dances such as the Balboa, Shag, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Tap are also danced. Besides TSDS’s biggest festival The Swing Weekend, an early autumn theme-party on wheels called Swing & Ride has been a great success. In collaboration with Nõmme Culture Centre a series of swing-jazz dance parties in 2015 were organized.

TSDS wishes to introduce swing culture and promote dancing to who people who are not exposed to it yet. That is why events organized by TSDS are generally open to the public. Excellent surface threshold has been established in the social network platform of Facebook, which has an effectively functioning community with over 2,400 swing dance enthusiasts. 

Classes, levels

NB! Dear dancers!

It has been over two months since last we met. The latest update in the Harju County restrictions allows us to resume some activities, but we still have to proceed with caution. The TSDS team had a think about the best way to move forward, and for now we will take it one week at a time.

We will have the following Lindy Hop classes on February 8-10:

Monday 15.02.2021

Lindy Hop A 18:30- 19:30

Solo Jazz A 20:00-21:00

Tuesday 16.02.2021

Lindy Hop IA 18:30- 19:30

Lindy Hop BI 20:00-21:00

Wednesday 17.02.2021

Lindy Hop I (group 1*) 18:30- 19:30

Lindy Hop I (group 2*) 20:00-21:00

*Groups 1 and 2 will cover the same topics.

It is crucial that we do not increase the spread of the virus as we start having classes again. The below rules must be followed to participate in the classes:

·         Pre-registration is mandatory for each class

·         The maximum number of participants is 10 people (5 couples) per class. The latest time to register is 6pm the day before the class. When registering with a partner, be sure your partner is aware.

·         If you do not have a partner, you can put down your name and contact details. That way other dancers can get in touch to partner up for the class. Feel free to reach out to dancers from your group.

·         We will not be changing partners during the classes.

·         A mask should be worn in the dance studio at all times, including during the class.

·         Each class will be 1 hour long, and cost 10EUR/class. There will not be monthly fees in February. You can pay via a transfer to the TSDS account, via Sport ID (Stebby), or by cash on the spot (please have the exact amount ready).

Rules still in place:

Keep your distance

Whenever possible, keep 2 meter distance from other people. It is tricky when dancing, but we can do it at all other times!

Use the changing area only to change, do not gather there. You can also leave your thing and change on the second floor.

After the class, please leave the studio immediately to allow us to ventilate the room and disinfect all surfaces.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands regularly with soap for 10-20 seconds, and be sure to do it before and after the class, and after sneezing or coughing.

Always have a tissue on you, and cover your mouth with it if you sneeze or cough.

Use paper towels once and discard immediately after use.

Stay home

Stay at home and avoid contact with other people if you discover any symptoms or if you have recently been exposed to a Covid19 virus.

Contact your doctor and follow their advice.

Inform your dance teachers immediately!

PS! Be sure to use a personal water bottle during the class! The use of cups in the hall is not recommended.

Your feedback on whether you are ready to dance and which classes you would like to take would help us a lot in our planning. Please drop us a message at info@tsds.ee,  or talk to anyone TSDS teacher or team member directly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! We hope that soon enough we will emerge from this crisis as an even stronger community!

TSDS team

Spring season 2021 will have the following Lindy Hop levels:
Lindy Hop BI – beginners-intermediate (not total beginners!)
Lindy Hop I – intermediate
Lindy Hop IA – intermediate-advanced
Lindy Hop A – advanced
NB! The teachers assign you to a specific group.

Other styles:

Balboa BI – beginners-intermediate. Teachers: Eliisa and Janek
Balboa IA – intermediate/advanced level. Teachers: Eliisa and Janek
Collegiate Shag I/IA – intermediate/intermediate-advanced level. Teachers: Johannes Gustav and Katharina
Solo Jazz I/IA – intermediate/intermediate-advanced level. Different teachers
Tap dance – open level tap classes, it is possible to join without tap shoes. Teacher: Masha Patrakova (in English).

The classes are taught in Estonian, but the teachers can always answer your questions in English.
The class schedule is available on our calendar.
All TSDS classes are taught at Pärnu mnt. 154 (a building called ARSi Maja) on the 4th floor.


  • Payment on an individual class basis is possible only in cash on the spot, each class is 10€ per person.
  • Monthly fee 35€ per person covers one class a week. It can be your Lindy Hop level, a lower one, or a different regularly scheduled TSDS class. The fee is to be paid by the 5th day of the month you are paying for.
  • Monthly fee 50€ per person covers two classes a week. You can choose from your Lindy Hop level, a lower one or a different regularly scheduled TSDS class. The fee is to be paid by the 5th day of the month you are paying for.
  • Monthly fee 60€ per person covers unlimited classes within the month. You can choose from your Lindy Hop level, a lower one or a different regularly scheduled TSDS class. The fee is to be paid by the 5th day of the month you are paying for.
  • Monthly fees are paid for a calendar month.
  • Monthly fee can be done on cash, or via a bank transfer to  MTÜ Tallinn Swing Dance Society: EE142200221056331094, Swedbank AS (payment description: your name and dance style(s)).
  • It is also possible to use the SportID environment to pay for your classes.
  • If you need an invoice, please contact us at info@tsds.ee.
  • The monthly fee is valid for the calendar month it is paid for and cannot be transferred or extended to another month or to another person.
  • Monthly fee is non-refundable!

Additional classes:
TSDS instructors are available to teach private and on-demand lessons for people interested in reinforcing the class material, who took a break from dancing and want to get back, or people who want to improve their level. Please enquire via info@tsds.ee.
Autumn season 2020 starts on September 7th and ends on December 21th.

Where can dance?

You can meet swing dancers in Kochi Aidad, Scotland Yard, KärbesNõmme Kultuurikeskus or some other places where is playing some good live music. The good swing bands and artists are following: Horre Zeiger Big Band, New Murphy Band, Swing’n’ Joy Orchestra, Jana Kütt, Estonian Dixieland BandAiri AllveeAnna Curly and several more.

The best overview of events you can find in calendar or on our Facebook page.