Passes, levels & prices

Celine and Edgar will teach two Balboa levels (Intermediate and Advanced), one Collegiate Shag level (Intermediate-Advanced) and Slow Bal lessons for everyone interested. In addition, Balboa classes for beginners will be held by TSDS instructors Eliisa and Janek. You can combine dance styles so that you can participate in classes of either Balboa or Shag or Slow Balboa or all three styles together. The duration of one dance class is 60 min.

Level descriptions:

Balboa Level intermediate – You know Balboa basics, Pure-Bal and Bal-Swing. You know Down-hold and Up-hold basic steps (also known as single and double time), Out-Ins, Come-around, Toss-/Throw-out and Lolly Kicks and you can’t wait to explore more Balboa moves and techniques.

Balboa Level advanced – You dance Pure-Bal and Bal-Swing comfortably in the range of 175 to 225 bpm. You master Down-hold and Up-hold basic step (also known as single and double time), Out-Ins, Come-around, Reversed-Come-Around, Toss-/Throw-out (with variations), Lolly Kicks and Swivels. You feel comfortable to dance Balboa socially at parties.

Shag Level intermediate-advanced – You are already dancing Shag for a while now and find it easy to switch between a variety of different Double-Rhythm (6-Count) footwork stylings (e.g. Double Kick, Heel Toe and others). You dance comfortably up to 200 bpm or even more and have social danced Shag on many occasions. You can lead/follow extended Slows and Quicks according to music and know some complex moves. Now you want to take it to the next level and refine your technique and expand your repertoire.

Slow Balboa – open level

Balboa beginners – for total beginners

On Saturday 18th of November the FSW swing party will be held at the Pentecostal Church. The party will also be dedicated to the 11th birthday of Tallinn Swing Dance Society. Music will be played by the Home Jazz Band and TSDS’s best DJs.


2 classes (one dance style) and party70 EUR 80 EUR
4 classes (two dance styles) and party 105 EUR115 EUR
6 classes (three dance styles) and party140 EUR150 EUR
Party ticket without classes*35 EUR35 EUR

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NB! Your Balboa/Collegiate Shag levels may vary. The level is determined based on the information you provide to the organizer on the registration form. You can register for classes of different styles with the same or another partner.