Tallinn Swing Weekendile registreerimise lõpuspurt

Tähelepanu, käes on Tallinn Swing Weekendile registreerimise lõpuspurt!
Laupäevased tunnid on nüüdseks välja müüdud, kuid veel on võimalik 4 paaril (või üksikul juhtijal) registreeruda pühapäevastesse tundidesse.
Veel võimalik soetada ka pileteid pidudele, valides registreerimisvormil paketi “Parties only”. Ära maga maha võimalust osaleda Eesti vingeimatel swingipidudel!
NB! Ka peopiletite arv on piiratud, seega kiirustage!

Attention all Lindys, Hoppers and Lindy Hoppers, all Swing music and dance lovers!
We are at the final stretch with our registration for the Tallinn Swing Weekend 2016!

All Saturday classes are already full of wonderful dancers from all over the world but there is still room for 4 couples (or 4 leaders) to join our classes with the most awesome teachers from the UK and Finland on Sunday.
If you already have some other great plans for the daytime then do not despair, you can also only attend our sweet parties by choosing „Parties only“ option from the registration form. Do not let this once-in-a-year opportunity to swing out at Estonia’s biggest Lindy Hop party pass you by unnoticed!

NB! Hurry up, because also our grand party venue is with limited dimensions.