TSW16 taster classes

This year as always six basic lindy classes will be held during Tallinn Swing Weekend. In addition everyone can participate in two taster classes. It will be possible to register for these classes on Sunday morning, 1st of May. The number of participants is limited; if one class is full then remaining dancers will be transferred to a parallel class. So if you are interested in a particular class, please be quick! In a few days we will give additional information on taster classes.

Taster class #1- Lindy Practice Toolbox (James & Judith)
Join us for some tools and tips on how you can practice solo and partnered dancing away from the social dance floor to boost your dancing even further. Expect some fast footwork, brain teasers, spinning tricks and Lindy challenges.

Taster class #2 – Balboa (Adam & Sanna)
Balboa is a swing dance which developed during the 1920s and 1930s in the USAs state of California. The swift dance moves appear to be similar to Charleston but actually it is a whole separate dance with an attitude and style of its own. Small steps that are synonymous to Balboa allow the dancers to move almost effortlessly to fast tempos. It is a dynamic, energetic and graceful but also an intimate swing dance. VIDEO

Taster class #3 – Swing Rueda (James & Judith)
Look out for some kaleidoscopic partner switching and fancy moves. Combined with a bit of history and some classic sequences, we’ll have you non-stop dancing round the room with ease. See more

Taster class #4 – lecture “Remember Frankie Manning” (Adam & Sanna)
Frankie Manning (26.05.1914 -27.04.2009) was a legendary dancer and an ambassador of Lindy Hop whose contribution to the evolution of this art form can not be overrated. He was one of the leading figures while this swing dance was being born and he was also one of the reasons why Lindy Hop was reborn after a long period of slumber. In addition to being an absolutely great dancer he was also a charismatic and loved individual. His spirit lives on in the feet and hearts of Lindy Hoppers around the world. Tallinn Swing Weekend gives you a fine opportunity to rest your happy feet while taking a moment to understand exactly how deep the roots of this exhilarating dance we call Lindy Hop go and who we need to thank for this passion we feel. http://www.frankiemanning.com/