FSW22 performers

The Schwings band (Lithuania)

The Schwings are a vintage swing and New Orleans style jazz band hailing all the way from the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius! Founded in 2011 by legendary jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Remis Rančys. The Schwings rapidly rose to popularity in Lithuanian jazz festivals, clubs and lindy hop dance events. Initially playing golden standards of swing, Brazilian, and gypsy jazz, the band has since begun recording original compositions.

Their recent albums “Plombyras”  ( January 2022 )“Fyodor” ( June 2019 ) “Teisutis” (March 2019) ”Good Thing” ( August 2020 ) and “ Plazi” ( November 2020 ) reached the #1 bestseller in swing/jazz category on Bandcamp.

The Schwings Band’s original tune “Jorbita” was selected by San Francisco swing podcast compilation – Hey Mister Jesse’s Fine BBQ – THE modern swing bands’ compilation from around the world!

Spotify data suggests, that most of The Schwings fans live in the USA, Spain and Germany.

Now performing internationally, they have ‘schwung’ their Lithuanian spirit across the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Finland and Russia.

With music as diverse as the seasons – the Schwings can burn like summer, be nostalgic as autumn, pure as winter and uplifting as spring – all in the space of one evening.

Anna Curly & Margus Jürisson

Margus Jürisson and Anna Curly are two musicians brought together by their favourite style – Swing. The majority of the duo’s repertoire are jazz standards from the 1920-1940, both faster and slower pieces.

In addition to swing, the duo will also play us a couple of rock’n’roll songs 😉
Margus Jürisson – piano, vocals
Anna Curly – vocals, ukulele, kazoo, shaker