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Estonian Dixieland Band

The band was established in 2015, and they today are the only active performers of New Orleans Dixieland in Estonia. The six member instrumental ensamble – or a seven member one, when accompanied by the singer Airi Allvee – is perfect for swing dancing and events inspired by the early 20th century.


Genre: New Orleans Dixieland Music (jazz, swing)
Band members: Airi Allvee – vocals, Petri Piiparinen – drums, Enri Remmelgas – tuba, Ülo Mälgand – keyboard, Sten Valdmaa – trombone, Sander Valdmaa – trumpet, Marten Altrov – clarinet.

Airi Allvee
Airi Allvee is one of the most unique and most versatile Estonian female singers. During her 25-year-long career she has been mostly known as a fabulous jazz singer, but blues and 50s rock’n’roll have always had a special place in her heart. Airi has worked with bands like White House, New Murphy Band, Hot Pipes, Modern Fox, After All, Underwater, Estonian Dream Big Band, Compromise Blue, Estonian Dixieland Band  and many others.
Estonian Dixieland Band and Airi Allvee will perform at the Fast Swing Weekend during the Saturday party at the Nõmme Cultural Center.