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The swing dance and music festival Tallinn Swing Weekend 2017 will take place this year on April 28th – 30th. The fifth consecutive festival will once again be filled with swing dancing, workshops and music. Teachers from Poland, Lithuania and Russia are expected. There will certainly be three dance parties with live and DJ music and much more. Book the dates now because an awesome swinging weekend is ahead!


Kasia Dybowska & Michał Oblaciński (Poland)

Michael Kasia

Kasia Dybowska  and Michal Oblacinski fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2005. Since then they spent most of their spare time travelling around the world to learn how Lindy Hop is being taught by the best teachers on the planet, including Frankie Manning himself.They are the founders of the Lindy Hop scene in Warsaw, Poland and also the first Polish couple to teach internationally. Being involved in organisation of numerous parties, workshops and events promoting swing dance and music they share their unconditional love for the original style and mood of the 30’s.As teachers Michal and Kasia are known for their extrapositive attitude, engagement in sharing knowledge and individual approach to students which makes their classes fun and valuable at the same time. They focus on improvisation, connection, lead/follow skills and energy flow between the partners to make the dance flashy, smooth, dynamic and comfortable.

Martynas Stonys & Egle Regelskis (Lihuania)

dsc_78481-e1448030007535Martynas Stonys and Egle Regelskis are one of the leading Lindy Hop couples in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since opening Hoppers’ dance studio in Vilnius Martynas and Egle are making lithuanian swing dance scene thrive. Besides teaching they are running Hoppers’ dance studio and swing dance events with the goal of helping new lithuanian swing dance talents emerge. Since 2010 they’ve been travelling abroad to teach in various swing events. In classes they combine fun, great teaching, dance technique and help you enjoy dancing more than ever! Both of them believe Lindy Hop is a dance, where two dancers move their bodies, affect and inspire each other. Leading and following would be rarely mentioned in our classes, but lots of eyes opening ideas will be spread. Known for their technicality and energy in their dancing they already have won a few Lindy Hop Strictly and Jack’n’Jill competitions all over Europe. And their most recent Lindy Hop Showcase took 2nd place in European Swing Dance Championships 2015.

Alexey Kazennov (Russia)

dsc_1335-1Alexey Kazennov is one of the most popular swing dancers in Russia. His career started in Moscow Lindy Hop community in 2013, and ever since there has not been a single exciting event taking place without him. Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Blues, Balboa, and even St. Louis Shag – he dances everything and everywhere, even if it means dancing for 24 hours straight. Outstanding musicality, charisma and vintage style is what makes him so unique. He is lively, bright and resourceful both as a dancer and as choreographer. Alexey adores the music he dances to and takes a lot of interest in it. He has also been a DJ both at national and international events. He has won many dance competitions in Russia as well as elsewhere in the world.


The Cajun Spices (Poland)

The Cajun Spices (Warsaw, Poland) Put together some cayenne pepper, a bunch of oregano, thyme, garlic and sweet pepper to recall the taste of Louisiana. Mix the washboard, banjo, guitar, saxophone, double bass, violin and accordion to discover it’s sound. The Cajun Spices is an unique combination of passion for music and swing dancing being the one and only band in Poland created by dancers and for dancers. The band’s inspiration is music performed by legends of jazz from 20’s and 30’s, the gypsy jazz and the sound of today’s New Orleans street musicians and busking bands. Join our journey to the place where the dew is hanging diamonds on the clover’s green leaves and the breeze is singing softly in the shadow of trees watching the waters of the lazy Mississippi.

Jana Kütt & The Ultimate swing band (Estonia)


The ensemble consists of young musicians who immediately catch fire as they hear swing music and even more so when they play it themselves. The repertoire is chosen according to the dancers. Collaboration with Tallinn Swing Dance Society has provided many memorable swing dance evenings. For example, they have met a couple of times in Freedom Square as part of Jazzkaar and Culture Night festivals.

Members: Jana Kütt – vocals, Tobias Tammearu – saxophone, Karl Madis Pennar – guitar, Tõnis Koppel – double bass, Kristjan Mängel – drums.
Purity of style and authenticity of swing music is of primary importance to these musicians, and setting the shoe soles on fire with dancing, of course.
Photo: Masha Patrakova


There might come some slight changes then we will inform about them here and on Facebook event page!

Friday, April 28
19:00 – 01.00 Party (Nõmme Culture Centre, Turu plats 2)
– DJ & LIVE music (Jana Kütt & The Ultimate band, EST)

Saturday, April 29
09:30 – 09:45 Gathering and registration, TÜG aula/Arsimaja
09:45 – 9:55 Welcome words TÜG aula, (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
10:00 – 11:00 Class #1 TÜG aula & võimla (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
11:15 – 12:15 Class #2 TÜG aula & võimla (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
12:15 – 13:15 lunch break

13:15 – 13.45 Flash Mob on Freedom Square (in cooperation with Jazzkaar)

14:00 – 15:00 Class #3 TÜG aula & võimla (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
15:15 – 16:15 Class #4 TÜG aula & võimla (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
20:00 – 02:00 Party (Nelipühi Kirik, Toompea 3)
– DJ & Live music (The Cajun Spices, PL)

Sunday, April 30
11:00 – 11:30 Gathering and registration, TÜG aula, Arsimaja
11:30 – 12:30 Class #5 TÜG aula & võimla (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
12:45 – 13:45 Class #6 TÜG aula & võimla (Lindy Hop), Arsimaja (Solo Charleston)
13:45 – 15:00 lunch break
15:00 – 17:15 *Taster class #1 – TÜG võimla
15:00 – 17:15 *Taster class #2 – TÜG aula
15:00 – 17:15 *Taster class #3 – Arsimaja
19:30 – 00.00 – TSW after-party –  Arsimaja

*Taster class #1 Basic lifts and throws (Martynas & Egle) TÜG võimla
*Taster class #2 Steals (Michal & Katarzyna) TÜG aula
*Valiktund #3 Funny vs. elegant solo jazz movements (Alexey) Arsimaja

Classes will be held in three groups ( 2 Lindy Hop levels and Solo Track). You will get know your group with confirmation e-mail.



16.03 –
[FP] Lindy Hop Full pass
95 EUR 110 EUR
[FP] Solo Charleston Full Pass
(All Solo Charleston classes on Saturday and Sunday, all parties and tasters)
95 EUR 110 EUR
 [CO] Classes only – Solo Charleston (All Solo Charleston classes on Saturday and Sunday, tasters. Parties are not included)  70 EUR  85 EUR
[PO] Parties only 
(All Parties – on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
30 EUR 30 EUR
T-shirt  15 EUR 15 EUR


Registration for all Tallinn Swing Weekend classes is now closed! We are looking forward to see you at Tallinn Swing Weekend parties! You can buy tickets at the venue at the door, cash only.


Single tickets for TSW parties

Party Pre-sale On the spot
R. 28.04. TSW welcome party Nõmme Culture Centre     10 EUR
at Nõmme Culture Centre (in cash)
15 EUR
at Nõmme Culture Centre (in cash)
L. 29.04. TSW Main Party Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church 20 EUR – TSW info desk at the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church (in cash)
 P. 30.04. TSW after party
ARS hall
7 EUR – TSW info desk at the ARS hall (in cash)


By Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn:
Linda Line – http://www.lindaline.ee
Tallink – http://www.tallink.com
Viking Line – http://www.vikingline.ee
Eckerö Line – http://www.eckeroline.ee

By Bus from Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, St. Petersburg:
Lux Exress – http://www.luxexpress.eu
Simple Express – http://www.simpleexpress.eu

Public transport between center and Nõmme Cultural Centre:
Bus nr 36 and nr 23 – map and timetable

Tallink Takso phone: +372 640 8921
Tulika Takso phone: +372 612 0000


If you have any questions send it to info @ tsds.ee

TSW’17 map