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Horre Zeiger Bigband


One late autumn evening, on October 12th 1954, a group of eight musicians gathered for their first rehearsal in the Nõmme Cultural Centre. From that moment on, the Horre Zeiger Bigband was created. Many youngsters from the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and til now can say that they have danced with Horre Zeiger bigband playing.
Horre Zeiger and a bowtie, Horre Zeiger and a bigband – they are inseparatable. As the bowtie is known as a sophisticated element, swing music is also known by its respectable dignity, captivating rhythms and fascinating melodies that have lasted for years.
Horre Zeiger Bigband has played in Stockholm, Ashabad, Moscow and St. Petersburg, former East Germany, Latvia and Lithuania, but they still love to play at home the most. HZ Bigband has been one of the most popular dance orchestra that has played in many school parties, club nights and dance competitions, still keeping its devotion to swing music.
Their repertoire consists of Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and many other swing classics and of course melodies from Raimond Valgre and Horre Zeiger. Altogether they have played over 1500 songs and the counting still continues, because the fairytale of the Horre Zeiger Bigband has not yet ended.